What Animated Video Production Looks Like

Sometimes the creative process seems to be a mess for those who are not in animation. In this article, we will try to draw a clear picture of the creative process you should expect when ordering a video.

We created our own “classification”. It shows each step that happens in our studio while working on a project.  Basically, Marveo Studio’s whole creative process can be divided into 6 steps:

1) Concept Creation
2) Script Writing
3) Storyboarding
4) Illustration Creation
5) Voice-over Recording
6) Motion Design
7) Sound Design


Concept Creation

conceptcreation (1).jpg

When a new customer comes, we first need to get acquainted with him or her, so we send a Brief (a list of the important questions). Then we work like detectives, looking at the information provided, then searching, even more, to understand our client and their business deeply. This really helps when thinking through a concept that will suit the target audience perfectly. Here begins the brainstorming on the topic:

What story will be most suitable here? How should we present it? Seriously? Humorously ? Subtly or overtly?

At this point, the theme and idea are generated. Once we have captured the right mood, we proceed to the second stage.


Script Writing


Based on the concept, information-filtering begins, when all the important information that hits your target audience is selected. At this stage, the main task for us is to tell your story in the best way and make it catchy.

After finishing this stage, the customers and the team have a broad view of the project’s further development.



A storyboard is a series of drawings meant for pre-visualizing the shots of your video. It is created based on your brand style and tone and the main goal is to ensure we design the perfect images to match your message.

When dealing with a frame by frame animation, after the storyboard is created, we do the first test version of the video. This gives us a rough draft of the final product. This mini-step is called "Animatic"


It is a very important part of the process. Animatic helps avoid future defects which can then cost significant time for correction.


Illustration Creation


Based on the already drawn sketches, the artists do a more detailed drawing, coloring, and shading. All the details are discussed now, starting with the characters’ clothes, ending with backgrounds. This is the stage when our characters and the overall style of the video are born.

This is hard work that requires lots of diligence.

For example, when creating frame by frame animation, the artist draws every single movement. If the character blinks, that takes about 5 individual drawings.


Voice- over Recording


At this stage, we choose the best voice-over artist to tell your story. We work with the best talent and can offer you a variety of languages and accents. Recently we shared our experience on how to choose the right voice-over talent. Learn more tips with us.


Motion Design


After the drawing, it’s time for  Motion Design. Our motion designers breathe life into our artists’ pictures. Creating amazing effects, they give dynamics and integrity to the video. With each new project, they adopt new technologies and methods, to improve the quality of our videos.


Sound Design


At the Sound Effects’ stage,  we select specific sounds and work on music. Music is created in our studio with the participation of our sound designer and with other members of the team.  For example, in this video, our Creative Producer Marina contributed to the creation of a music track we created for Mission Save the World.

With these final touches, we take your video from good to awesome.

Once all the steps are completed, we can enjoy the result of long, hard work - a truly awesome video!

Share, enjoy and watch your business thrive.