Short Video.


Why Video

A human processes video 60.000 times faster than text

3-time more attention!

100% more viewers on pages with video

Your product is in danger of being numerously sold!

how we do it

Business analytics

A proficient analysis is a basis of a great script...


...which turns bare facts into an exciting tale...


...where a real world starts to exist...

Sound effects

Having its distinct sound.


Best for clarifying complicated messages.


Best for promo videos, presentation and launching new products.

What's Next

Find out how effectively the video works
for your business.
Get a 3-month trial of world-class video hosting,
marketing tools and video analytics with Wistia!

who we are




Marina/Script writer

Andrew/Concept artist

Stepan/Story artist

Yura/Motion designer


Pilbara Regional Council

"We commissioned an animated video from Marveo Studio to be used in a presentation for senior Government and industry leaders. We were very impressed with the responsiveness of the Marveo team, and with their efforts to both understand the subject matter and to then distill this down into a very engaging animated video. We will certainly be commissioning other work through Marveo Studio." Tony Friday, CEO

"Idee Fix" Mari Eike Nilsen, CEO

"Our work with Marveo Studios helped increase the production value of our e-learning videoes, and the feedback from our client has been great. We were thrilled with the detailed work with the storyboards and the animations, and the product was beyond our expectations in terms of quality and cost savings. We will continue to recoment Marveo Studios to all our clients" IDÉE FIXE film AS, Norway

Proforma SI

"We worked with the Marveo Studio's team on the development of animation for Proecom from Proforma SI . It has been very easy and enjoyable process for us. Marveo Studio proposed innovative and creative ideas and final product was very satisfying. We, for sure, recommend Marveo Studio to everyone and will be using their services in the future with pleasure" Glenda McCarthy-Gaspar